A bit of a busy day

Cattery has been busy since Easter and absolutely full since mid May. But today has been the busiest day so far this year. 8 ‘cat moves’ 4 lots in and 4 lots out. So that’s 4 pens to clear, disinfect, clean and prepare for new cats, on top of the daily clean of 19 pens, meals, medicines, and grooming. There’s a massive pile of laundry and the washing machine has been going all day.

Kittens can turn anything into a plaything

So what kinds of cat guests do we have tonight? The youngest are a pair of 4 month kittens (they need 4 meals a day and a lot of playing!). The oldest is a 19 year old tabby who is still remarkably active. There are 7 ginger/ ginger and white cats in, 8 if you include a rather fetching apricot coloured one. Mogs outnumber pedigrees 1:6, which is about average.

Supper is over. The sun’s setting and most of the cats are now resting after a hard day watching, sleeping and eating. The kittens are still playing, I can hear the toys being batted about but otherwise it’s very quiet just evening birdsong.


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