Doesn’t time fly!!

I was told that it takes dedication  to keep a blog going. Rather like a diary, which I was never ever good at, so no real surprise that it is a year since the last entry.

The first sentence last year could easily apply to this year – there is a definite pattern in cattery occupation. Easter to the end of October (the winter half term week) is always full to capacity, and generally booked months in advance. November is an odd month, sometimes busy sometimes not. Christmas is always full (right now I have half the pens reserved for the Christmas 2016 break) and I can guarantee someone will ring on December 21st or 22nd and ask if they can bring their cat(s) in as they have just decided to go away. After New Year all the cats go back home and in late January there might be only two or three cats in.


After nearly twelve years there are a core group of regulars who book up well in advance, many securing the cat’s place before they start looking for their own.

There is also a pattern to cat ownership. Bearing in mind that this is an affluent area (someone told me there was at least one millionaire per mile of lane locally), my customers seem to fall into distinct groups. We have young couples just setting up house together who have cats before they have children. We have couples with young children who use the cattery up to when the children decide to stay at home and cat sit. Then we have older couples who still have the cats but whose children have moved away and got cats of their own. These older ones keep coming until the last cat is laid to rest,then they have a few carefree and cat free years holidaying on a whim, before all the joy of waiting in airports and hold ups on the motorways become too much, they decide to stay at home and get a new cat.

The one thing they all have in common is that they love their cats and do not worry about them while they are on holiday. No pressure on me then!


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